Thursday, June 5, 2008

Read at your own risk, this is pretty gross.

Why, oh why?

There is a person I know (name withheld to protect the disgusting) who absolutely can not bring herself to flush the toilet after using it. What is the thinking behind such a habit?

After seven years of marriage, my husband has yet to see, smell or experience in any way the remnants of my bodily excretions (ew, I feel dirty after typing that, let me go wash my hands...ok, I'm back.) Why would you want to share the "fruits of your labor" with the world? Maybe there are folks out there who would be interested in seeing it, but not me!

Maybe she doesn't realize that you're SUPPOSED to flush! When I was little, I thought there was a witch in the toilet that would come up and pinch your butt if you stayed there too long. (Don't ask me where I got such a thought. It sure made me quick, though.) We could all use more imaginary monsters in our lives, don't you think?


Janet said...

That kind of thinking is VERY prevalent here. I'm forever taking the kids to the potty and having to flush after the nasty redneck who was there ahead of me. I think some of it has to do with not wanting to waste water, or being used to outhouses (those are still in use where we are, appalling as that sounds).

As to your personal habits - once you have kids everything becomes moot. When we first got married we would hide as well. Then we had kids, and I learned how to breastfeed while using the facilities. Then the child wanted to follow me in. Then the second kid came along, and I'm nursing him while the other one is chatting away with me in the bathroom. We don't even bother to close the door anymore. Actually the process of having a baby will banish all modesty you may have because giving birth is all about everybody and their janitor examining your nether regions every 5 minutes to check your progress. And lest I've scared you away permanently - IT"S ALL WORTH IT@!!!!! I wouldn't trade my kids for anything, not even going to the bathroom by myself.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh my goodness. Mine wasn't a witch but an old man with very long fingernails. I flushed without even turning around I was so scared of him.