Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello, Stanley...

Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings! I am now officially addicted to hockey because of their stupendous ability. Old fogies or not, there guys are awesome. Ack! Let's just call them "experienced."

If you read about Flat Stanley's Visit then you know we went to see the Wings play the Predators in Nashville. We lost that game, but thank God the Wings pulled off the series. Anything to shut up those fans. They were the rudest people I've seen. I don't expect them to roll out the red carpet for the opposing team, but they were ridiculous. Now for a moment of childish delight: Nyah nyah you guys stink!

That is all.

Edited to add: Steven says I'M being rude by saying the Predators stink, so I will only say that the scent of the Predators is offensive to my nasal passages.

And THAT is really all.


Janet said...

I love watching hockey, but you're right - the fans are among the rudest in any sport, so I dislike going to games. But I would if I had the chance.

Steven said...


Go Red Wings!