Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Pursuit of a Perfect Bod...

...or at least one that doesn't make me cringe if, by some horrible mistake, I happen to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror au natural. Therefore, I am on a diet. I am tracking my food habits here. This means, of course, that I am hungry. Ravenous, even. It doesn't matter that I just ate lunch and got the required amount of protein, fat and calories. Just knowing that I can't go on a mad binge and eat two dozen chocolate chip cookies or an entire bag of tortilla chips (or both, if the mood strikes me) causes me to feel sympathy hunger pains. Sympathy with myself, that is.

I can't use Steven as a diet buddy because for some completely unfair reason, boys are allowed to eat more than girls.

I am tempted, but a little embarrassed, to post before and after pics or at least before and after weight. But if I mentioned that, I'd eventually regret it and spend the rest of my life tracking down anyone who happened to read this post and cutting out their tongues.

Any chubby girls out there want to help keep me accountable? Or even if you're not chubby. I just need somebody to yell at me and call me fat. Any takers?


Janet said...

You're going to have to prove chubbiness, because I'm not buying it from your picture. Granted, it's hard to tell, but you have a neck and only one chin.
However, I do understand where you're coming from. Two babies did NOT do wonders for my appearance, although I am lucky genetically that I'm not prone to get really heavy. Just more so than when I was in college a zillion years ago. A couple of gall bladder attacks were enough to convince me to stop eating. Although i don't really recommend that method.
Go click on Ragtop Day - she has mentioned before about trying out Weight Watchers online, or some such.
And you're right about the men - it's just not fair.

Suldog said...

Even though I'm one of those unfair boys, I can identify. Not playing ball this year has kept me about 10 pounds above where I'd normally be by now.

Nature Nut said...

I too made the decision to lose some pounds last year. One, because I simply had gotten too heavy for my liking. Two, I wanted/needed to be healthier.

Because of my many food allergies, I am very limited in the variety of healthy foods I can eat, so I had to focus on exercise. I don't do a lot, but it has been enough to lose 20 lbs! I still have 5 - 10 to go!

Darla said...

{{{{hugs}}}}} I know just how you feel. I'm terrible about diets, and immediately feel deprived. Which is why I'm working on eating healthier and exercising, and definitely not dieting. LOL (yes, I do see the pyramids!)

I've also been tempted to post pix, or my weight, to keep me honest and motivated, but like you, I suspect I'd regret it. Plus, at the moment my scales are in a box somewhere waiting for us to move into our new house. I have a million excuses. It appears quite possible that I'm not a good dieting role model. :)

Giabella Designs said...

I belong to a gym, just joined the last week of April. I have managed to go at least 4 days a week, taking classes and doing some cardio. I am watching my diet, eat well, nothing that is white and 3 months later I am only down 4 pounds! I feel your pain. I HAVE posted pictures on a site called Women's Diet and Fitness ( It is a women't only group and boy do they have so much nutritional information, loads of support from women who are in the same situations as you are and are so helpful. They have no problem posting pictures because that is when you DO see change week after week. Good luck!