Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a mini book review

I am a fan of Stephen King. As 50 Cent would say, I love him like a fat kid loves cake. Which is to say, I tend to overindulge and eventually make myself sick and swear off his books for a year or two before giving in and binging some more. My grandma would not be pleased. She's telling her husband, "For this I taught that little girl to read?! So she can waste her brain power on garbage! Pah!" She's probably asking God for access to the lightening bolts right about now.

Anyway, I'm in the swearing off period. I'm reading a book called The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons and I've just had my first gasp out loud moment reading a book ever! As in, a sharp intake of breath that makes Steve look up from the computer and ask me if I'm ok! Oh My Goodness! Just in case anyone actually reads this post and actually gets the book and actually reads it, I'll refrain from mentioning any details. This may end up to be a real stinker of a book, but it's worth reading (to me, anyway) just for the moment of shock. Go and check it out from your friendly neighborhood library. OOOORRRR, clicky!


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Janet said...

I am NOT a Stephen King fan, although I enjoy his column in Rolling Stone. I can't read his books. They gross me out. I like the so-called "cozy" mysteries. I have heard of Siddons but hadn't read anything yet. I'll put this on the list, but if it turns out to be really disgusting please tell me.