Saturday, June 14, 2008

How I Spent My Friday Night

Well, though we were given some good suggestions, we just ended up doing the same old thing. We:

1) went to Sam's
2) debated what to do about dinner.

Steven: What do you want for dinner?
Sarah: Something I don't have to cook.
Steven: How about hamburgers?
Sarah: Ok. Let's go to Back Yard Burger.
Steven: (insert puppy dog face here) But they're so much better homemade...
Sarah: (utterly defeated) Ok, get the crap.

3) came home, made delicious burgers on the Foreman grill (just a little aside here: my parents are the world's best gift givers. I have used my Foreman grill and my Kitchenaid mixer [also a gift from them] more than any other kitchen appliances. AND for last Christmas they gave me the best apron. It looks just like something June Cleaver would wear and I just love it.] and homemade French fries.

Yes, folks, that is delicious cheddar cheese you're looking at and a real, live VIDALIA onion underneath! The arrival of Vidalias always causes (at least around my house) lots of pumping of fists in the air and jigging at the supermarket.

4) after devouring burgers, settled in for a nice relaxing movie. Steve chose "Live Free or Die Hard" and may I just say that Bruce Willis looks much better bald?

5) watching this movie somehow made Steve start talking about "Rambo." He was utterly appalled that I had never seen it. Thus, Rambo I and II were also watched. Wow, that's a lot of TV. And quite a few muscles, as well.

6) The absolute best part of the evening was watching the lightening

My camera just doesn't do it justice.

oh, and here's Steven's contribution to the muscles:

ain't he cute?

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Janet said...

He's cute, but he REALLY needs to learn how to cook. Quickly. Although I've had several people recommend the Foreman grill. But since the Mountain Man is a vegetarian (yes, I know, it's a contradiction), we only grill out hamburgers when company comes.

I love the Die Hard movies. I don't know why. Technically I'm not in the right age group for them, but I thought that Alan Rickman in the first one was absolutely hysterical.