Friday, June 13, 2008

Question for the Ages

What should I do on a Friday night?

Being one half of a couple that doesn't drink or have any desire to "party" kind of puts limitations on the way we spend our free time.

Do we:

1) go see yet another movie?

2) buy a Wii Fit and combine fun with exercise?

3) veg out on the couch watching one of our plentiful movies?

Steven thinks our lack of friends has something to do with our inability to find meaningful and entertaining things to do. I disagree. I am not, nor have I ever been a people person. I would just as soon spend my days curled up on the couch reading books by the truckload. Even if Steve did introduce me to someone, I would just smile politely and make an excuse to get away as soon as possible. To me, everyone is just a potential crazy.

Cabin fever! How do we beat it?


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ah, but the point is to find the special kind of person that you do enjoy hanging out with. I'm a recluse too, but there are a handful of people that I truly enjoy hanging out with.

As for things just the two of you can do:
~plant a garden,
~have a playground challenge: See who can swing the highest, do the monkey bars the fastest, etc. The looser has to give the winner a piggyback ride.
~find some new recipes to try making together.
~go on a quest to find the best something in town (my hubby and I spent 3 months looking for the best burger in town).
~go window shopping and make fun of all the stupid stuff that is for sale.

These are some of the things Mr Hotness and I have fun doing together in our very anti social way. =)

Janet said...

Back before we all had kids, we had grand times playing card games. Quiddler is great fun (you should be able to get a set from any bookstore like Barnes & Noble or something). And any one of a number of card games from regular decks of cards. We played Hearts a lot, or Spades, and one that one of our friends invented which has the most convoluted way of keeping score I ever saw and I never ever knew who won. A lot of times we didn't even bother to keep score. And there's some new board game called Settlers or something like that which is VERY interesting and teaches a good bit about history. I didn't get to play because the baby was trying to eat the pieces but it looked like a lot of fun.

Scribbit said...

I know what you mean--if we have free time we want to be together rather than out but we like doing old people stuff--playing a fun game together or going to the books store or library together, maybe taking a walk. Have you ever played wallyball? That's a fun couples activity, or we play Settlers of Catan with some friends who also like it.

Nature Nut said...

Since I have planted trees and gardens, we like to sit on our back deck. He likes to listen to his music (installed outdoor speakers) and have a drink, while I watch the birds and try to identify them. We sit there and talk about our day and our week, and then we try to decide the best place to plant another tree to block more of the neighbors! See, we're not even trying to find new friends in the neighborhood!!!