Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Saving the world, one crazy at a time...

And now, a post I'm sure you've been anticipating with bated breath...

My job: Super Girl (overworked and underpaid version)

I am a secretary / receptionist / biller / medication clerk / and all around pee-on at a mental health clinic.

My pledge:

If you call the office because your medication has caused you to grow extra limbs, given you bad breath, explosive diarrhea, etc, I'm the one you scream at.

If you need someone to yell at in place of your parents, children, exes, bosses, or the guy that cut you off in traffic, call me up! I'll listen and commiserate.

If you miss a payment by one millisecond, I will send you threatening notes via the USPS and send out the snipers if need be.

I will sit at my desk for hours at a time staring at the phone and wishing it would blow up.

I will go home at the end of the day, so tightly wound it takes an hour of venting to my poor, defenseless husband before I can unclench my fists.

Saving the world, one crazy at a time...


Steven said...

When Sarah needs to vent then she comes home and does so to her husband.

I will always be here for you dear. Thanks for making me laugh today.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I felt like this everyday when working at an automotive supply store. Yes, I'm sure it was all my fault that you were trying to fix your car while drunk and you tried to wedge the wrong part in the wrong place. Feel free to yell at me. And of course I'm dumb because I'm a girl, so feel free to ask for a man, even though the only man in the store is an idiot that is only allowed to mop the floors. Etc, etc.

Thank heaven for loving, listening hubbies. =)

Janet said...

Bless your heart. Twenty-some-odd years ago I was the receptionist/pee-on (what a fabulous term - I thought it meant you had kids, but it works equally well in this instance) in the COLLECTIONS department of Vanderbilt Hospital. I was the first person people talked to AFTER they got the nasty notices about not paying their bills. But it probably wasn't as bad, because generally most of them didn't have (recognized) mental health issues, although I'm thinking the collection notices may have caused some.
Hang in there, sweetie, this too shall pass.

Scribbit said...

So nice to be the point man for all sorts of trauma isn't it? :)