Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Presidential Candidate...

I dislike politics, so I'll refrain from mentioning them too much in this blog, except for this one little post. Since both of the major candidates leave a lot to be desired, I've come up with a new choice:

Sarah's Dad for President! Ooh, and I've got the best running mate for him! Sarah's Uncle John for Vice-President!

That's right folks, not only are they handsome and brothers and men of character, but they're KENNEDYS!!!

And when the other guys do all the research for the mud-slinging, the worst thing they'll come up with is that my Dad wore black socks with white pants. To his wedding. Which is pretty bad, but still forgivable. Unless you're his wife.

What more could you ask?


Also, I have a new most hated "word." Guesstimate. I am utterly appalled that it didn't show up with a wavy red line when I just typed it. Which means that some cretin decided to add it to the dictionary, which is why there is insanity in this world (mine), and why it never seems to get any better. Guesstimate.

I guess the mud-slingers could use me as my family's dirty laundry. I'd have to quit blogging. Hmmm. Or maybe I could just become anonymous.


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Very funny! :-)

I'm with you when there are things like that in the computer dictionary. No wavy line under donut in Word either, and so many other words like that.

RiverPoet said...

I'm a word purist, and I have a real problem with blended words (which become "real" words) or words that change over time. Yet, like biologic evolution, languages evolve, too. I think we just grasp for new ways to describe new problems. "Guesstimate" - to estimate an answer without sufficient information? "Problematic" - a situation fraught with pitfalls?

My personal peeve - "dove." The correct past participle of the verb "dive" is "dived" not "dove." Yet the dictionary now says it's acceptable. My teeth grind when someone says this, because I hear my English teacher in my head: "A d-o-v-e is a little bird that you hold in your hand."


Peace - D

Suldog said...

JOHN KENNEDY? The name alone should guarantee a few hundred thousand votes! Well, that's my guesstimate, anyway.

(*runs away, shielding back of head from thrown objects*)

Octamom said...

They have my vote. Congratulations, gentlemen.


Janet said...

I read this but somehow missed commenting on it. (How unlike me.)
Can I write them in for our Senate choice? Both the incumbent and the opponent are crooks and we need a third option.