Friday, October 24, 2008

Lest my husband disown me... is a tribute to his new obsession, Chuck. Clicky, and you can watch whole episodes for free!

Chuck is a nerd. No, really, he even works at the "Nerd Herd." At the "Buy More" which is a shameless parody of Best Buy. One day, his former college roommate sends him an email containing super secret government, um, secrets. Somehow, due to Chuck's awesome nerdiness, they get imprinted onto his brain. Now, whenever he sees someone who's involved in government work, he "flashes." In other words, he knows everything about them that makes them a baddie.

Casey (also known as the traitor from The Patriot) and Sarah are government agents assigned to protect Chuck and to catch any baddies he "flashes" on. Sounds a little weird when I put it like that, but ah well.
Chuck lives with his sister, Ellie and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome, who are both doctors. They know nothing about Chuck and his super secret nerdiness. Sarah poses as his girlfriend and Casey as a salesman at the Buy More. What's this? Sarah is slowly realizing she may have real, live feelings for Chuck?! How will this be resolved?! Will Chuck and Sarah find romantic happiness? Don't you want to watch and see???

Oh, and there are lovely bits of eye candy in each and every episode. Steve and I are to the point where we call out "Money Shot!" every time someone shows their undies or their masculine, chiseled chest. Sigh.

Steven is concerned that the ratings are down for this show. He knows that if ratings don't do well, shows get canceled. Please, oh please won't you watch an episode or two? If Steven loses this obsession, he might notice the messy house or that the toilets haven't been scrubbed in a coon's age.


Phil said...

I hope that show does get cancelled. It S*U*C*K*S

Steven said...


Watch your back come Christmas time!!! I am sure it doesn't stand up to the fabulous programs that you watch such as The Facts of Life but Chucks holds its own!

Janet said...

Ooh. Who would have thought to find controversy on Sarah's blog? I'll go check it out online, but I can't help you with the ratings thing as we don't have TV.

Phil said...

To be fair we decided to give this waste of a show another chance tonight. We thought maybe it had changed since the abomination that was the first two shows of season one that we saw.

So picture in your mind the Kennedy household tonight. Daddy and Hannah are sitting in the recliner while Mommy is on the couch feeding Jonathan his dinner (on tap). The show starts at 8:00; at 8:01, Hannah jumped up, ran to the TV and shut it off. I asked her what she was doing, she responded she was "shutting this stuff off". Mind you, this is the girl who will sit with her Daddy and watch the Tigers, Red Wings, Wolverines (nobody can stomach the Lions) and even sit through the evening news, but even SHE can't stand even one minute of this travesty of network TV.

Sarah said...

ok Philip-

Since we were raised by the same father, and you are your father's son, I believe it was the boob shot which comprised the first minute or so of last night's show that turned your poor daughter's stomach. (I can very vividly recall Dad telling us to "Shut this stuff off.")

Last night was all about Atari and YOU MISSED IT!

Phil said...

Seems to me that a boob shot would make her want to watch more. It wasn't that many months ago that a boob was her primary source of nutrition!

By the way, my word verification to leave this post is "de nips". I think its appropriate.