Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Alex and Philip!!!

Since my nephew, Alex, and my brother, Philip, have back to back birthdays, they get to share a post. How exciting!

When Philip was just a mere sprout, he asked God for a baby brother, a baby sister, or a baby baby. God answered his prayer with me! Isn't God great?

The best thing about Philip? No matter how old I get, he'll always be older. HA!

Ok, really.

He's great at Monopoly. I have never, no not ever, beaten him.

He's a good father. He is completely devoted to his family. I never would have imagined him as a family man, but he just fits the mold. I was looking for a picture of him by himself for this post, and every photo I have of him he's surrounded by his kids, wife, nephews, family, or dog.

Unfortunately, his face looks like a butt. Which is additionally unfortunate, because I look quite a bit like him.

And happy birthday, Alex for tomorrow! Alex is a little sweetie. He's my nephew, three years old tomorrow, born to Adrian and Patti and loved by all. He's a little miracle. There were times, especially when he was a newborn, that we were very concerned about his health. I'm sure if everybody I know had not been praying for him, he would not be the sweet, bright and great kid he is today.

Happy birthday to you both, and I love you and will see you soon!!!

***The first picture is entitled "Salmon Faces" and features Philip and his lovely daughter, Hannah.***


Janet said...

My baby brother enjoys the same ideas about always being younger than me. So does my husband, actually. I'm just an old broad all the way around.

Happy Birthday to everybody!

Suldog said...

Well, Happy Birthday To Both! Many more, God willing!

Philip said...

Thanks Sarah. I hadn't seen that picture before - I hope you enjoy the shot of my gut hanging over my pants. Never did get over that sympathy weight gain...

Steven said...

This is not a blog about CHUCK!!!

PS. Philip your present will be in mail when we recoup some cash. Of course, if you design a less complicated and expensive transmission then I would never have to worry about money problems again.

The car eats up too much of our budget and it drives me insane.