Friday, October 3, 2008

How about you?

quirk - \ˈkwərk\ - 1 a: an abrupt twist or curve b: a peculiar trait : idiosyncrasy c: accident , vagary ie:a quirk of fate

I asked Steven what I should blog about and he said "How bout our little quirks, like how we have to sleep with a fan on." This is all well and good, but MY quirks are a little more quirky than that.

1. I check under my bed every night before I go to sleep. I have no idea what I would do if something or somebody was actually under there peeking out at me while I'm in the most vulnerable position possible, kneeling on the floor with my butt up in the air.

2. I also check in the closet for boogity men (or boogity women, for that matter) before bed. When I enter the closet, I give the door a good shove to ensure injury of any intruders.

3. I cannot abide open doors. Unless I'm in a room, and then I can't stand being shut in. I know this makes no sense to the average reader, but in my quirky brain, it makes perfect sense. (This is due to a scary story told by my cousin, Jeff. Hmm, maybe it's good enough for Scribbit's Ghost Story Contest. Then again, maybe not. We'll see)

4. (with apologies to any family members who may be reading) I can swap spit by the bucketful with Steven with no problem, but the second he takes a sip out of my waterglass, it becomes his. His amoebas have tainted it and it is, therefore, undrinkable.

5. I can kiss and love and cuddle and, I don't know, lick a dog or cat, but I can't bring myself to shake hands with a stranger. No offense, but you probably have cooties.

I know I'm not alone. What makes YOU weird???


Scribbit said...

Open doors? My dad is funny about those too--especially bathroom doors.

Octamom said...

Hee hee! I have some odd requirements for doors and certain rooms--and of course that whole 'I have to sleep on this particular side of the bed thing' which is often due to the position of the door in the room---


p.s.--loved your comment over at my place concerning my incredible hairdressing skills!!

david mcmahon said...

Cooties? Nah, just kangaroos!!

Suldog said...

I assume we're not talking run-of-the-mill phobias here, like my fear of heights. OK...

I absolutely cannot abide spilled milk. Honestly. The old saying about not crying over it or whatever? I take a raging tantrum when it happens. I know better, but I do. Just something about cleaning it up and... whatever. Truly. Spilled milk. MY WIFE thinks it's dead-on crazy. I suppose it is.

I also can't stand to have my hands be sticky in any way. As soon as anything sticky gets on them, I have to wash them immediately.

I suppose that's enough for now :-)

Gabrielle said...

Hi Sarah! Love your post! I know I am quite quirky but if you ask my husband he will tell you straight away that I'm just really strange :-) I think good strange but...everyone has their own opinion! Thank you for your sweet comment and for coming to visit! (I always carry sanitizer and have been known to take my own sheets to a hotel) ok, that is probably more quirky than you need to know :-)

Carol said...

Great post, Sarah! Hmmmmm.....I can't stand wadded up kleenexes. Ewww. If they're wadded up, you don't know what may be lurking inside them. They need to be thrown in the trash.

When I'm home alone and it's dark, I RUN up the basement steps two-at-a-time cause I'm sure someone's following me. Been doing that since I was a kid. So far, I've always out-run the 'chaser'!!

I look under the bed everynite, too!
You just never know.

Babystepper said...

Hmm. Quirks.

I have to sleep fully clothed. What if someone came to the door? What if there were a fire? What if the tornado siren sounds? A girl has to be ready for these things!

Janet said...

I've been gone awhile, and I'm trying to catch up.

For me to respond to what makes me weird would be a full-out lengthy post, probably a three-part series. Or 30. But I know EXACTLY what you mean by number 3. I have to have the closet doors closed and the bedroom door open before I can sleep. And I like the fan on, too.

And Suldog, my son is exactly like you regarding the sticky hands thing. It doesn't bother him to have cake icing smeared all over his face, but his hands must be absolutely clean.