Thursday, October 16, 2008

In case you can't see the detail here, that is Steven, holding up a Cheeto to a ravenous seagull.

My family has a thing about camping. For as long as I can remember, we have been campers. My old grandma, my youngest sister in diapers, we have just always loved to camp.

We especially flock to Northern Michigan, where you are always just a short drive to the beach and lighthouses and MACKINAC. That's pronounced "Mackinaw." Yes, I know the second "c" makes no sense. Just go with it, ok? Mackinac is an island and fudge and a bridge (also called "The Mighty Mac") and a bit of a tourist trap but if I had to pick a place to spend my retirement (a mere 37 years away), that would be it.

This is Nick's first trip over the Mackinac Bridge. See the joy Mackinac can bring?

I started this post to just write about that first picture, which is a time when we were enjoying pasties in a park just off Lake Michigan and Steven decided to feed the seagulls (even though it was clearly posted NOT to feed the seagulls) and Nick announced to the family, "You know that's technically illegal" and sent my family into hysterics.

Though my intentions were pure, this post is once again edging towards that happy place where the majority of my writing has gone lately, the place where I say I MISS MICHIGAN! The south is ok but it's just not home. I apologize. Once the new year begins, I should have my fix in for a while.


Janet said...

That looks like fun. I've always wanted to see Mackinac Island (and I know how to pronounce it, even though i'm southern). My brother was stationed at Oscoda for his first assignment and he and his wife vacationed on Mackinac. I think that if the place you were raised holds good memories, no other place is ever quite as good.

Hilary said...

Aww what a sweet smile Nick has.. so much joy in his face. Love that pic of the seagull cheetoing! :)

RiverPoet said...

My husband is from Michigan, too - East Detroit (rough place, from what I hear). His family still has a cabin on the UP. Hopefully we'll be going there for a family reunion next year and I can finally see the cabin.

Peace - D

Suldog said...

That first photo reminded me STRONGLY of my own childhood. Check out the photos on this post of mine:

The one of me and my Mom feeding the gulls...

mom said...

We're going to visit Mackinac and the Straits this weekend. I'll think about you as we cross the bridge and eat at Suzie's.......MMMMMMM.