Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Day Gifts

I had a dream last night in which the perfect Father's Day gift was revealed to me. It was guaranteed to cause swooning and tears of joy by the bucketful.

What was this fabulous gift you ask?


This morning I have racked by brain trying to remember what I was so excited about but the notion eludes me.

What could it be?

A tie that doubles as a weed whacker?

A nuclear-powered coffee mug?

Maybe an all-expenses paid trip to Timbuktu?

Somebody help me! I need ideas for Father's Day gifts in case I never remember what I dreamed.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm posting about my father's day gifts on Monday. But I love the weedwhacker tie idea.

Janet said...

I got hubby a wallet - a 2-fold, because he has complained that the tri-fold is too big with all the cards and stuff (and since all his back pockets are ripped at the corners, I believe him). Last year I made a book at shutterfly with pictures of the babies. He loved it. I'll never be able to top it, so i'm not even going to try.