Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Pet Search Continues...

and here are a few that have been recommended...let's hope I can narrow it down soon.

1. Guinea Pig
Hmmm, the only thing that disturbs me is their teeny tiny lifespan. As soon as I start to get attached to it, it'll surely die.

2. Rat
I'm a little freaked out by the long, worm-like tails...

3. Garter Snake
An unfortunate incident during a Girl Scout meeting has somewhat diminished my love and respect for all things serpent. I smell a reminiscent blog.

4. Red Cherry Shrimp
How this qualifies as a good pet is beyond me. Shrimps is for eatin, not for petting.

5. Ferret
Incredibly cute and incredibly smelly. It was difficult to leave the pet store today after watching them play for a while. They remind me of my kitties back home in Michigan and how they used to chase each other around the house and play fight. Sigh, tear.
Then again, I did have a family member who kept ferrets and they stunk to high heaven. High heaven? Well, they just smelled bad.

Think, think, think.

Tons more suggestions to ponder. More later...

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