Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pet Search 2

6. Rabbit
Cute and cuddly, long ears and a wiggly nose? That's why I married Steve!

7. Chinchilla
These guys are just adorable. So soft you wouldn't believe it. However, they are incredibly expensive. I've read that this is because when you purchase one, you're actually paying for the pelt. Apparently they're pretty popular for clothing, coats, and even blankets!

8. Hamster
Little, cute, dead in a year. Or, in my case, found dead, stiff as a board, inside a box fan. Cause of death? Apparent electrocution.

9. Pot Bellied Pig
Cute but smelly. I can't imagine this as a cuddly pet. Aren't their bristles a little rough?

10. Mouse
Hmm, this could be interesting. Why would I try ever so hard to keep mice OUT of my house and then keep one as a pet? People are weird.

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