Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Jacquline, Please

I've developed a bit of a reputation at my job as a go-to gal. If you want something done, go see Sarah! She'll take care of everything. As a result, people call the office asking for me, my bosses call me constantly, my co-workers hound me mercilessly. This has made me absolutely dread the sound of my own name.

Therefore, as of this moment, I am renouncing my name. Henceforth I shall be known as Petunia. That is all.

Except for my loathing for the name "Jacqueline." If your name is Jacqueline, please don't hate me, but change your name, for Pete's sake! More on this later, if I can work up enough energy.


Darla said...

Good idea... except I suspect it wouldn't take long until it's "if you want something done, go see Petunia!" :)

Sarah said...

true...maybe I should become "the girl formerly known as Sarah"

or just "nameless"

Janet said...

I vote for Not Me. It works for kids all the time. "Who hit the dog?" "Not me." "Who wants to do this project?" "NOT ME!"