Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Sick

and I think I've been hallucinating, so I apologize in advance for the potential lack of lucidity in this post. Or in any post. Well, at least the ones I've written. I take no responsibility for what those other folks write.

It all started with a sore throat and now I have no idea what's going on.

Sunday morning on the way to church I saw a truck make a u-turn on the expressway and come barreling towards us going in the wrong direction. Thank God I wasn't driving or we might have been killed. Yeah, the truck didn't exist. I'm not taking any medications or anything, so I'm not sure what's going on in my brain. I taught Sunday School, which seemed to go just fine, I sat through the service without any weirdness, we visited a church member in the hospital*, nothing out of the ordinary.

That afternoon, Steve told me to get some rest while he went to the evening service. I very rarely miss church, so I must be dying or something. Lying in bed, the ceiling started to move like one of those little sliding tile puzzles I used to play with as a kid. I started getting nauseous, so I went to watch some tv to keep myself from falling asleep. (Nightmares, dontchaknow.) Schindler's List. Just the thing to keep bad thoughts at bay. That and Ghost Hunters. Currently available for free on Hulu.

Now my sickyness has settled into a sore/scratchy throat absurd amount of mucus fest. At least I got one day off work!
* Please keep a man named Bill in your prayers. He's got Alzheimer's in a pretty advanced stage and doesn't really realize that anything is wrong with him. His wife, Rheta has been strong for him for the last few years but it's really wearing on her now. They've been married for over fifty years and lately he hasn't been recognizing her. Kind of puts my meager problems in perspective.


Ron said...

I totally understand the Alzheimer thing .. my wife's mother is in stage 3 .. she was in stage 1 when I met her the first time 7 years ago .. When we go to see her, she will not know TJ (her daughter) but remember me .. weird .. I published a book about dealing with an Alzheimer patient .. not the medical, but the emotional and mental aspects of it ..

One of the lines in the book says, "Alzheimer's is like a thief that steals the painting but leaves the frame" so you will always be reminded of what is missing ..

We will pray for that family .. and you

Granny on the Web said...

I do hope the hallucinations settle soon! Fever can do that when it is high, so rest up as much as you can with the right med's.
Alzheimer's is an awful disease and the description of the frame being left after the picture is gone is a perfect one. I hope Bill and his caring wife are blessed with God's grace.
Love Granny

Janet said...

I think maybe your job might be having an effect. It's a tough tough place to work and the stress is bound to affect you physically, particularly when you have other symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!

Woman in a Window said...

You take care. There's a horrible flu going around. Take care. STay away from trucks!

So sorry for Bill and Rheta. That has got to be so hard on her, especially. My best.