Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Not Preggers!

Steve and I don’t have kids yet, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about what we will and won’t do once we do have them.

For example, we have names picked out (well at least for the first one): Katharine Elisabeth for a girl or Steven Duane III for a boy.

When we first married, Steve liked the name OJ Curtis. Yes folks, that’s Orenthal James Curtis. Also Jamie, but then I discovered he had a former girlfriend named Jamie, so that name went sailing right out the window. I liked Claire, but he is convinced that kids would tease her and call her Éclair. Which is so much worse than OJ, dontchaknow. I like original names, but once the public gets their talons into a name, that’s it. I have a nephew named Kaeden, which I thought was pretty original, but now everybody and their grandma is named Kaeden.

My mom insists that when I was born, there were no other Sarahs around and I was the only Sarah Elisabeth they’d ever heard of. Sure, Mom. That’s why there were three Sarahs in my sixth grade class and two of us were Sarah Elisabeth. And all of us were BFFs, which was occasionally pretty confusing. Now there are three Sarahs at my church, though we are very diverse in age. One works with me in the Kitchen Committee and the other is a student in my Sunday School class. Also pretty confusing.

I want to homeschool, I know that for sure. We both had public school educations and there is no way I’d inflict that on my kids. (Please don’t shoot me if your kids are public school kids. I’m sure your town has better schools than mine did. Actually, I can’t really blame the schools; I had great teachers, I just stayed bored.)

We disagree over whether or not to buy our not-quite-kids cars or to pay for their college education. I think once they’re old enough to have a job (like, say age 11) they should start looking for an apartment.

I tell you all of this to show you this scary glimpse into the future. World, meet Baby Curtis. It's got my dimples and Steven's eyebrows. And is that a beard?! What an adorable creature!

What your own devil baby? Click here!


Suldog said...


We are long past child-bearing years, but we did discuss names at one point. A girl would have been named after my grandmother, Mora. A boy? Daniel Striped Tiger Sullivan.

I suppose he's lucky he doesn't exist.

Woman in a Window said...

Eeeek! And 11 sounds about right. You guys might want to wait just a little while...

MOM said...

I promise you that you were the only Sarah I had even known - except for the little old lady in the nursing home! ;) But I bet the other Sarah E's weren't with an s in the E part. And why did you not remember about Answar? Now that was original and I promise you this too, I would have fought dad tooth and nail against it!
Now as for you having friends named Sarah, consider your sister Patti who had friends named Sarah and Becky. Is it any wonder why I never knew your names and just yelled "SARAHPATTIBECKY, you know who you are!"