Sunday, September 28, 2008

We'll Leave the Light On

I just love my parents.

We had a guest preacher at church this morning. He talked about the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). Whenever I hear this story, I am always reminded of my parents and the porch light.

Whenever one of their kids were out and about, they would leave the porch light on so they can see easily enough to get in the front door. No matter how late I came home, (I didn't have a curfew) even if it was 3 AM, the light would be on, welcoming me home.

Now I live far away, but once upon a time, I drove up for a surprise visit, and lo and behold, the light was on! Now, I'm sure it was a mistake, that someone had just forgotten to turn it off before bed, but I like to believe that they were still waiting for me. Knowing I wasn't home where I belong and waiting for me to come home.

The same is true of God. No matter how far away we roam, no matter what heinous or sinful acts we commit, He is always waiting, seeing us coming from far away, running to us and crying with joy to have us back where we belong and instantly forgiving us of all wrong.

The father in the story always reminds me of my parents, so glad to have me back again.


Suldog said...

My Dad was very much like the father in the prodigal parable, in that he always worried about me and left lights on and called hospitals if I was more than a few hours delayed in getting home. Unfortunately, I was very much like the prodigal himself, out doing drugs and drinking and otherwise wasting my resources.

I cleaned up, thank God, and he was quite proud of me before he died. As was I of him, of course.

MOM said...

Of course hon, you didn't mention, that if you were late, you'd call and let us know. And we'd be up waiting, usually..... And we'd love to be surprised again! Love you!

RiverPoet said...

What a wonderful thought, Sarah. Truly, God - like the wonderful father he is - is always waiting for us with the light on.

Sounds like you have wonderful earthly parents, too!

Peace - D

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a terrific post. I seem to be out of profound comments today, but I've really enjoyed catching up and wanted you to know.