Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Come on, Christmas!

My nephew (Alex, age 2) started Head Start a few weeks ago. His classroom has a camera where parents and other family members can watch the class while they play, eat snacks, and even take naps. I've been following it religiously since I discovered it. Today my sister told me to watch at around 3:00 while my dad came to pick him up. Imagine my surprise when not only my dad, but my mom, my sister, and two other nephews paraded in front of the camera, waving. I couldn't resist calling my dad so I could "see" him while talking to him. It was very sad to watch them walk away.

Hurry up, Christmas! Only 105 days left!


Patti said...

Alex loves knowing that his Aunt Sarah can watch him at school, even he only gets to see her once a year! COME ON CHRISTMAS! Michigan awaits!

Cherrie - (mom) said...

You probably didn't hear him say "I love you Aunt Sarah" but he did when I was holding him. He waved too! Kaeden just yells "I love YOU!" At least he knows your picture. Come on Christmas! -- (It's getting cooler outside so winter is on it's way!)

Janet said...

That would be fun and heartbreaking at the same time.

But I'm not ready for Christmas.

womaninawindow said...

Oh! I remember missing my family and counting down the days to Christmas. Painfully sweet, this post is.

Octamom said...

How awesome to be able to peek into your nephew's daily life! We moved away from extended family 4 years ago and staying in touch has been paramount--and while we've done a great job of seeing each other and talking and emailing, what I miss the most is just being a part of each other's daily lives, running into each other at the grocery store, popping in for a quick cup of coffee, picking up my niece to come play for a little bit--that's what I miss.

Thanks for your comments over at my place--glad you enjoyed the cast of characters! We're quite the mob!