Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kentucky Critters (part two)

So there I was, just reading in the living room. I had just gotten out of the shower and was all wrapped up in my big, fluffy robe. I had a kettle of water on the stove for a nice cup of tea. The sun was shining in through the windows, the hubby was taking a nap, and all was right with the world.

Or so I thought.

As I turned a page in my book, my eyes happened upon a dark shape on my sleeve. An M & M? Maybe a chocolate chip? NO! It was a TICK! I gasped in horror, jumped up off the couch and stripped off the robe. I carefully bent over the material and looked at where the tick had been. It wasn't there! A shudder ran over me as I realized it may still be on me! I ran to the bedroom, waking my unsuspecting husband with nonsensical gibbering. I'm sure he was shocked to find his nearly nude wife slapping at herself and waving her hair all over. After he realized that I wanted him to check my hair and make sure the tick wasn't there sucking out all my blood, he came to his senses, checked me out and assured me that I was, in fact, not being eaten by a mini vampire. And then he went back to sleep.

But then where WAS the monster?

I crept back into the living room and poked around some more in the folds of my robe. There it was! The little devil was trying to hide! Now normally I am a person who'd rather live and let live. I rescue frogs that accidentally find themselves in campground bathrooms or spiders that others would squish. But this TICK was in my HOUSE! On ME! It had to go. I ran to the kitchen and got a butcher knife. I tried sawing the tick in half, but it refused to die. I scooped it up on the blade of the knife and carried it to the kitchen. There, I placed it in the sink and tried to saw some more. Either my hands were shaking or he was wearing some kind of armor, because he REFUSED TO BE CUT! I washed him down the drain and poured an entire kettle of boiling water down after him. I went and got my robe and considered throwing it away or burning it, but settled for washing it with about an entire bottle of bleach.

Overkill? I think not.


Babystepper said...

I found a tick sucking the blood out of my little girl's head. It was not my most inspiring memory as a mother. I pulled it out and managed not to freak, but I don't know how.

womaninawindow said...

OK, it's 11pm and I WAS going to settle down to sleep after checking in here but now I just feel...itchy...

Where ticks are concerned there is no such thing as overkill!

Janet said...

Indeed, live and let live does not apply to ticks, fleas or anything like that. The first time I pulled a tick off myself I reacted similarly to you. Then after 10 years in the tick capital of the world, we were planning our wedding and both sets of our parents were there at the wedding site and I leaned over and asked Scott to pull the tick out of my hair because I couldn't see it. I thought my mother was going to faint. We have automatic tick checks whenever we've been outside. So, while I don't freak out anymore, I STILL THINK THEY'RE GROSS.

Lehners in France said...

Hi I arrived via POTD. I DO kill ticks, they carry allsoorts of aweful diseases out here and if I find one on any of my animals they end up under my boot! I did find one on the back of my husband's knee once. Not pleasant creatures at all. Debs x