Friday, August 15, 2008

Kentucky Critters (part one)

I relayed these stories a while back in the days of myspace but since no one here has heard them yet, here for your reading pleasure is:

The Snake Story (referred to here)

You can thank PATTI for asking about this. And since I'm completely addicted to blogging, rather than just telling her the story over the phone, I told her to tune in to my blog.

Once upon a time, my beloved and I lived in Pineville, Kentucky. My husband was the youth minister at Hosman Baptist Church, located in Magnet Hollow (that's pronounced "holler" in case you're wondering). We lived in our church's parsonage, which was a double-wide trailer. It was butted right against a mountain. If I stepped out my back door, I was about ten feet from the rocky face.

We lived many happy days there, enjoying the sun rising over the mountains and the leaves changing in fall. Little did we know that a myriad of deadly and ferocious creatures were closing in on us.

One day I was enjoying a good book in the living room when suddenly, I heard Steven utter his favorite exclamation, "FUDGE!"

"Wha....?" I asked, engrossed in my book.

"There'sasnakeinthehouse!" he screeched like a little girl.

"Cottonmouth, rattlesnake, blacksnake...," I wondered as I raced in for a look.

And behold, here is what I saw...

Ok, so it was more like this:

...but it was still scary!

I raced for the computer to figure out what we were up against. Entered the beast's stats. Length, weight, coloring. We had a Ringneck Snake in our dining room, just crawling across the floor like he owned the place. Luckily, Ringnecks are common and harmless (but still scary!) and so Steven bravely cajoled the monster into a Wal-Mart sack and ushered him out into the great outdoors.

The End.

or is it?


womaninawindow said...

OK, you had me at the first picture! Hilarious! On to part 2.

Janet said...

Heh. Our brilliant dog has been bitten by a copperhead. Twice. You'd think the first time would have "larned 'im."
We had the experience of watching a black snake keep all 3 dogs at bay a couple of months ago. It was fascinating. They actually have hoods!