Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have nothing to say.

I invented a new tuna salad yesterday! Tuna + Miracle Whip + raisins + slivered almonds + mixed greens + raspberry vinaigrette dressing = FANtastic eats!!!

So I'm reading Stephen King's It. I have an unnatural fear of clowns, so I've naturally stayed away from this book for quite some time. I noticed it on the library shelf, though, and realized it's the only book he's published that I haven't read and so I felt compelled to check it out. I had to look far and wide on the 'net for a picture of the book cover that didn't feature that ghastly clown. A little aside here: remind me to tell you of the time my sister, Patti, scared the everliving bejeebers out of me with just a simple picture.

***note to readers*** Do NOT, I repeat DONOT attempt to eat delicious though squishy tuna salad while reading It. Actually, stay away from reading Stephen King period for as long as you're eating. Sooner or later, that tuna salad, no matter how delectable it may be, will start to remind you of guts or worse.

That is all. Get back to work!


Suldog said...

"IT" is, by far, my favorite Stephen King novel. I think the television film was a pale rendering of the book. Of course, as you'll see as you near the end, they couldn't possibly get away with doing the book as it was written on TV.

I envy you reading it for the first time. One of my favorite books, by anybody.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

My overactive imagination has ruined many a foods for me.

I loved the TV movie of IT but hated the dumb ending. I hope the book ends better.

Oh, and swap out the whip for reg mayo and cranberries for the raisins and I'm all over it baby. In fact I think I will make that for lunch today. =P