Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Origin of OCD

Sunday I woke up looking like this. I'm always a Flock of Seagulls fan first thing in the morning. Little did I know that I'd discover that I'm a Pharisee!

Steven preached a sermon from Matthew 15, where Jesus criticized the Pharisees for making little rules and rituals into huge "sins." In this case, the Pharisees thought that you were sinning if you didn't wash your hands properly before eating. Basically, you might as well commit murder if you didn't follow their laws, it was just that serious. I was a little confused, because I always thought that it should be the law, cleanliness is next to godliness and all that.

Why not?

I'm learning new things about myself. I'm a compulsive hand washer. I chew the skin around my nails (I recently discovered this is a form of OCD called dermatophagia. *warning: clicky only if you don't mind being grossed out by icky pics.* Steven thinks I should just put my hands in something gross so I'm not tempted to bite them, but then again, there's the hand washing. Of course, if you knew some of the things that I know, you'd be a hand washer too. Things like the lady with herpes in her eye. Things like all the bacteria crawling on your skin right now! Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all would strive to be a little cleaner? Now, be a good child and go wash your hands.

Feel better? I know I do.


mom said...

Now you knoe why I always told you to not bite your nails and chew the skin around them. Do you want to end up as a wolf-biter? Doyou think that's where were-wolves came in? Of course you could always bite your skin somewhere else -- remember Flambe'? Oh please, no!

mom said...

As for the flock of seagulls, you come by it honestly!

Janet said...

I chew and pick at my skin around my nails too. As long as I'm doing something with my hands (typing, sewing, cooking, whatever) I can leave them alone, but if I have to sit anywhere at all, I can't leave them alone. Putting gross stuff on them does not work, my mother tried it for years and years.