Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alert the Press!

I've discovered Twilight. That's right, folks, I am once again on the bandwagon. I haven't been this excited about a book since the Harry Potter series.

Sometimes I feel the need to do something just because people say I shouldn't or vice versa. Take, for example, my discovery of Harry Potter. It all happened long ago, in a faraway land called Kentucky. In a kingdom called Bible college. Where all the good boys and girls would never be caught dead reading a work of fiction. Let alone one about witches! Gasp!

I ordered the books by inter-library loan after hearing a pair of students talking about how horrible the books were. And they hadn't even read them. Of course, my interest was piqued.

"Horrible you say? Hmmmmmmm."

So when everyone and their granny is lining up to see Twilight and read the books and join the fan clubs and buy the posters, I was a little skeptical. I'd walk past the massive Twilight display and all the 12 year old girls ogling it and mutter about sheep and independence and elevated thought. Cue my dear and darling sister, Patti. While we were planning my visit to Michigan, she casually mentioned that we should go see the movie together. I thought eh, what the heck, how often do I get to see my sister? But first, she gives me the book to read. I devoured it, in one greedy gulp, staying up late into the wee hours of the morning. And folks, I am the type of gal that turns into a pumpkin at about 10 pm. This is a big deal for me. And the movie? It was great! I didn't have to cringe (from overdose of corniness) once!

If you haven't read it, (yeah right) then read it. If you haven't watched it, (even less likely) go watch it.

And Patti, we can't discuss the series yet. I'm waiting until I have enough time to give it the attention it deserves.

Til then, you may stare at this. But only til then.


Lee said...

Good morning, Sarah. While sitting in B&N I started reading Twilight. It is indeed engrossing and I'd barely gotten past the first chapter. I'll have to wait to finish it though because the library has about 127 folk ahead of me to read it. Thanks for sharing your views on it.


RiverPoet said...

Oh, I love the new look of your blog, Sarah!

Yes, I got sucked into Twilight, too (pun intended)! I'm waiting for the second book to arrive from Amazon any day now ($4 cheaper than Borders, with free shipping to boot). Like you, I was all high-and-mighty about not wanting to read such drivel written for kids. Ha. And then I got drawn in. I was curious.

My daughter also got drawn in. She picked it up after I did and complained that it was too simplistic, blah blah blah. I saw the light on under her door at all hours of the night until she finished it. Then she casually started asking if I had the next book in the series.

That's what it does to you, isn't it? Nothing wrong with a fun read now and again. Not every good book is a literary award winner.

Peace - D

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ooh, so much to talk about!!! Love your new look, LOVE the Carlisle picture and LOVING to be able to welcome you to the madness!! Isn't it crazy how it just completely draws you in??? I have a friend here that was so obstinate and refused to read it--now she and her daughter are pasting posters up all over the bedroom :-)
You have to come by when you're finished with the series!!

Patti said...

That is a beautiful picture if I might say so myself! You had better hurry up and tell me what you thought of the other books before I go MAD! And just so you know, I plan on ordering all of the Harry Potter books from the library, although I am still ashamed:)

Barry said...

I've read all of the Harry Potter books but none of the twilight series.

My wife is a teacher and she loved that someone could write books that would capture the imagination of children in this computer age.

She was full of descriptions of the way the books required rewiring the brains of young people requiring them to concentrate for long periods of time, instead of "instant" messaging.

That's something I think we desperately need and I'm glas someone has picked up where Rowlings has left off.