Monday, January 11, 2010


So it's the new year. And what have we done? Well, Steven has decided to "simplify his life" by throwing out a lot of stuff. Most of which is mine. Slowly but surely we are working our way through our two-bedroom apartment and sorting out nine years of accumulated life. Who knew I was such a packrat?

Tonight while organizing our room for the day, "my" closet in "Steven's" study, I discovered 17 unfinished yarn projects. Seventeen, my dears. That's a one with a seven standing next to it. I crochet. A little. I knit. An even littler. But I'm still learning! What better way to discover new techniques than to try them, master them and then move on to something else? There are afghans-to-be and almost baby blankets and one sad little dishcloth waiting to be born. I am known far and wide as a project beginner, but a finisher? Not so much. Not anymore!!!

Be it hereby resolved that I will FINISH A PROJECT BEFORE BEGINNING ANOTHER! (Well, at least once.)

"My" closet is also home to my kitchen appliances and gadgets that overflow from the kitchen. I refuse to resolve to stop collecting them. (Whew, what a sentence!) A girl's got to have a hobby, right? Why not 12?

My iPod thinks it's so smart. Just because I listen to Jon Foreman constantly, it's slowly but surely deleting all the other music.

And so...

I will SEARCH FOR NEW MUSIC TO LOVE! Any suggestions? Jon Foreman-like suggestions?

Check him out!

And, since it's a New Year, the obligatory I will LOSE 20 POUNDS! If such a feat is possible while devouring chocolate cupcakes and eating butter by the stick. One of my 12 hobbies is discovering new recipes and then using my co-workers as guinea pigs. And then posting said recipes and pictures to accompany them and hopefully to make other folks drool and try them and then all the world will be fat and happy.

Que Sarah Sarah: Saving the world, one brownie at a time.


Cricket said...

Hi Sarah -

Thank you for your kind mention over at Eddie's. Suldog tipped me off. I'm not very good at getting around and visiting... been trying to work on that. I suppose I'm not very good at posting on my own blog either. So many blogs, so little time.

I loved the story about Amazing Grace. Sometimes insanity truly is the best defense.

I'm rather fond of the recipe for "White Bread Plus" from the Joy of Cooking. You might give that one a try if you haven't. Not sure exactly what you're after in a sandwich bread.

You bake your own saltines?!?!? I'm stunned.

As far as "fat and happy" goes, I have a few more thoughts on that over at my place. I've been both fat and thin. Thin has its advantages, but fat is easier and more fun, I think. To a point, anyway.

Thanks again for the plug. Hope I can visit again soon.

Respectfully Yours,


Janet said...

Finishing unfinished projects was my last year's resolution. I actually managed to get 4 of them done. Of course, I started 6 more . . .
Next time Steven starts throwing stuff out, make sure he knows that for everything of yours he gets rid of, you get rid of one of his. It's only fair.
Hmmm - my WV is genes. That's what I blame my packrattery on.