Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The most wonderful thing about summer...

is that summer's a wonderful thing! Ok, shameless butchering of a Tigger quote, but what better way to get my point across?

Ever since we've lived in the south, (and I guess being a lowly preacher and his lowly wife can't hurt), people have shared the abundance of their harvest with us. So far this season we've received cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and zucchini. When we lived in Kentucky it was strawberries. God bless Wayne and his strawberry patch, braving the cottonmouths to pick them for us and make us jam. *sniff*

I actually don't feel guilty for making spaghetti when I make the sauce from scratch. The taste is a little different - it just took me a minute to realize that lack of preservatives and other icky things can make something simple taste downright delicious! And why do homegrown vegetables taste so much better than those purchased in a store? Kinda makes me want to buy a piglet and raise it...mmm, bacon :)

Anyway, kudos to those of you with the patience and ability to keep a garden. And if you've got too many ears of corn or more tomatoes than you can eat, send some my way.

p.s. I'll be a little more sporadic than usual with the posts for the next little while. My church has got VBS coming up very soon and guess who was elected as director! That's the last time I skip a business meeting. Lord knows what they'll have me doing next...


Suldog said...

1 - Cottonmouths eat strawberries? Shoot! If I'd known that, I wouldn't have gone barefoot so often in the strawberry patch. But, it was in New Hampshire, and I don't think we get Cottonmouths up there. Nevermind.

2 - Good luck on the Vacation Bible School.

3 - Anyone who quotes Tigger (or even paraphrases Tigger) is bound to be a good person. You can't like Tigger without being at least halfway decent.

Janet said...

We're participating in VBS this week and somehow I found myself on the planning committee for next year. This is the primary reason I don't go to church regularly. Too many committees and meetings.

Tigger's one of our favorites here in the 32-aker wood as well. (In spite of having Eeyore's behind serving as my picture.)

Octamom said...

I absolutely LOVE the name of your blog--too clever! I'm enjoying trolling through your posts as I slurp up my mid-afternoon coffee hit!

Thanks for providing me with a good case of the giggles--and some good food for thought as well!


Babystepper said...

I love the free vegetable goodness of summer.

When I was a little girl, the people at our church in TX told my dad (the preacher) that if he would quit trying to garden they would just bring him vegetables. It was pretty funny.