Friday, June 19, 2009

The Curtis Side

I've never really talked about Steven's family here, have I. Shame on me!

They came for a visit a few weeks ago and here they are. Hanging out at the Memphis Zoo. From left to right, Steven's mom (Karen), Steven, Steven's dad (Steve, known around my family as "Big Steve"), and Steven's brother, Billy. Billy will probably murdalize me for using his picture here in my humble little blog, but he'll get over it. Or I'll be murdalized. Whatever.

Here they are looking at meercats. I just love photographing people who are unaware they're being watched. Um, but not in a creepy way.

Well here I told them to row, but apparently everybody but Karen thinks I'm weird. Yeah, weird. That's it.

Not pictured due to not being present: Steven's brother (Chris) and Chris' wife, Amanda and their daughter, London. Ooh, and Amanda's preggers with baby number two, so yay for another niece or nephew. That I'll never get to see. Ah well.

Good people, one and all. Well, except Billy. (Just kidding, Billy!)


And here's a big kitty using a fallen log as a scratching post. Ain't she cute?


Suldog said...

Aw, cute cat! Did you bring him home and give him some cream?

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great to meet them and the cat.
Sarah, I have an award for you and would be honoured if you would pop over to collect it, the RENEE AWARD. I have been busy lately organising a huge award ceremony with catering by Lola, cabaret by Eddie, Awards, showdown with Eddie and Suldog over American Football (I think we are going to have a duel!!), David Mcmahon shooting a video for us, and a freind singing - I am exhausted!!! can I have a cup of tea please? ~ You are lovely! ~ Eddie x

Woman in a Window said...

Some great sharing of family and furry wild! Great memories.

Now don't go and get yourself murdalized. I know of such things.