Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

I was a hugger. Let's face it: if you go to church, you're probably hugged. A lot. You can avoid the hugs if you want, lurking near the back of the building, hiding in the bathroom, but if you're in any position of authority, you may as well give in to the hugs.

I am not a touchy-feely person. People have germs and I prefer to avoid germs. However, it is more important to me to convey love to a person by giving them a hug than to make myself comfortable by just waving to them from across the room.

This is why the good Lord invented hand sanitizer.

Anyway, once a long, long time ago I was making the hugging rounds at church when I was stopped. A man refused to touch me stating that "men do not hug women." It turned into a long explanation of how there are right and wrong ways to hug women.

I'm scarred for life.

Basically, if your breasts touch a man who isn't your husband, it's BAD. This I did not know. I must admit, sometimes my breasts do things that I'm not aware of.

Therefore, I don't hug men. Unless they hug me first. The only one who doesn't have a choice is Mr. Jim. If he comes around, he's getting a hug, like it or not. Mutant boobies or not.

Yes, I'm a preacher's wife and I said "boobies."

Picture stolen from here.


Babystepper said...

My dad's a preacher, and so he's had to do way more hugging in the last 25 or so years than he was really comfortable. I know it specifically bothers him when a very, er, large woman wants to hug, because he says it's extremely awkward.

Luckily for me, that's unlikely to ever be a problem. =)

Suldog said...

I love hugging - both giving and getting. As for boobies getting in the way or being unfaithful or whatever nonsense that man was spouting, if HE feels that way, fine, but lust is certainly in the mind of the beholder. I've rarely been hugged by a woman and thought "Oooh!Ooh! Her boobs are touching my chest!" Well, at least not since I was 13 or so.

Janet said...

That man is one of the more unfortunate results of some denominations. (Interestingly enough, I first spelled that "demon" - Freudian slip I suppose.)

I for one applaud the preacher's wife saying boobies. You go, girl!

Tillybud said...

"This is why the good Lord invented hand sanitizer."

Now that was funny!

Sara G said...

Great post!!
Take care and keep on hugging!!

Barry said...

I have to agree with Suldog. Its been a long time since being hugged by a woman has seemed an erotic act, although I think I was closer to 20 than 13.