Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, technically we got back early Sunday morning but with Sundays being crazy and Monday being a day for recovery from Sunday, I'm really back today.

What? You mean you didn't even notice I was gone?

Wait a sec while I pull the dagger out of my back.

Ok. Steve's brother Chris got married on Valentine's Day, which gave us a great excuse for a trip up north! Woot!

The most wonderful thing about going home (well, besides the time spent with family and eating all the food you've missed and catching up with everybody) is when your mom sends you home with homemade enchiladas. For free. I don't have the recipe. Or a picture, since as soon as I baked them they were devoured without a pause for blogging posterity. I'll see if she'll part with the recipe...

Anyway, this trip, and the resulting playtime with the nephews reminded me of Christmas, when there was even more playing.

Nick, Alex, Kaeden and I discovered a box. Not just any box. A Box of Wonders to Behold. I'm sure at one point it had contained some cherished item, but once that pesky thing was removed, the box reached it's true potential as a Box of Wonders.

So here's the part where I put them in the box.

And here's the part where they put me in the box. And wouldn't let me out. Come on, Sarah, get in, it'll be fun, we promise.

Then they attack. Giggling all the while, tickling through the handles so conveniently placed in the sides, jumping on the box and squishing their poor, defenseless, Aunt Sarah.

Cruelty, isn't it?


Janet said...

I missed you! But you're right, a Valentine's Day wedding is a lovely excuse.

Poor Aunt Sarah, squashed in the box. I've been locked in closets before. It's all good. :)

Woman in a Window said...

That does look like fun! The jumping on, not the being jumped on! Hope you've recovered from all.

Suldog said...

Great "dead" photo :-)

Sandi McBride said...

What a wonder box...magic can be found anywhere little ones call home...lovely post! Welcome back...

Daryl said...

Fabulous .. what cuties

Thank you, Sarah for you kind words.

Octamom said...

You would be well loved and box abused if you came to Octamom house--cardboard boxes and an Aunt Sarah look like a blast!!