Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

My mom gains another year today. It was a little difficult finding a picture of her since she's normally the one behind the camera. And when she is caught in a picture, she's wearing her grandchildren like a blanket. Isn't she lovely? She raised four kids with love and affection and is now a source of joy to five grandkids.

And why not? My mother is the most humble and gentle and loving person I know. Not just to her family, but to everyone who knows her. Her church family knows she can be counted on to do whatever is asked of her, be it small or important, and she often doesn't receive the credit she deserves.

One of my favorite memories is her reading us the "Little House" books before bed each night. She even sang the "Old Dan Tucker" song in it.

Also, she used to sing in the Praise Team at church and I loved when she'd look at me with an upraised eyebrow as if to ask, "How am I doing?" She's got the most beautiful voice.

Here's the best one, though:
Steven and I drove up to Michigan one Thanksgiving without telling our families we were coming. I'll never forget the look on her face when I showed up at the front door. I was wearing sunglasses and my hat and coat and through the distorted glass of the front door window I must have looked like my sister because she greeted me with a "Good morning, Patti!" and then when she realized it was me I got the world's best spine-crunching Mom hug and an enthusiastic "Sarah!" Repeat times five other family members and you get the best Thanksgiving ever.

Happy Birthday, Mommy! You'll never get Christmas wrapping paper from me!


Not only is this my Mommy's birthday, it's my 100TH POST! Kudos to my family for being such excellent blog fodder. Need proof? Click here, here, here, or here.

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Suldog said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah's Mom! And Happy Blogiversary, Sarah!