Friday, November 14, 2008


Further proof that my parents are the coolest (as though we needed any more proof):

They sent me real, live, made in Michigan saltwater taffy!

AND my brother sent me Michigan cherry coffee.

AND some of the nephews are sending leaves from the tree outside my parents house. We just don't have good Autumn here in the South.

Think they're trying to tell me something?

44 days and counting. Michigan here I come!


Suldog said...

You're blessed, to be sure! Mmmmmmmmm. Saltwater taffy!

Janet said...

Are you telling me Christmas is in 44 days? I feel faint . . .

Yep, coolest parents ever. My mom doesn't send me stuff like that. Of course, Nashville doesn't really have anything original except Moon Pies and I don't like those (yeah, I know, i'm supposed to be southern. I was excommunicated years ago.)

RY RY said...

I miss Michigan a lot today. but i must say the candy look fantastic.
P.S i have a new email

Nature Nut said...