Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My State of Mind

Here's where I am. I have definitely not given up hope and am looking forward to a healthy and perfectly average baby. BUT if God chooses to answer our prayers a different way than we like and THIS right here and now is the only time I have with her, I want to make sure I am enjoying and savoring every moment and SHARING her with everyone.

Want to touch my belly? Please let me know before you do but touch, by all means.

Want to feel her kicking? Bring me some pineapple juice and we will make that happen.

Ask me about her, say her name, tell me you're still praying. I need to hear it.

If God takes her before I'm ready I need to make sure she's not forgotten.

A million thanks to a man who went out of his way to tell me he's expecting a miracle for us and didn't let my teary eyes deter him.