Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wii Tennis Tournament

This has been a long time coming.

In case you've been living in a hole or something, my dad and I have an ongoing air hockey tournament. We were supposed to play during my last trip to Michigan, but were unable to find a table. So we settled on Wii Tennis. Which is just the same, dontchaknow.

Just so you know, the air hockey thing is going to last forever. Whoever the current "loser" is is always going to want a rematch, so look forward to hearing about air hockey adventures for a good long while.


Here are some photos from MY RECENT VICTORY! Woot! I kicked his butt from Michigan to Timbuktu! Oh, um what I meant to say was: we had a jolly time of good competition and mutual respect. A grand old time was had by all persons involved.

Ok, so here are the pics.

Pic # 1 shows us just getting started. See how nicely we're smiling? Notice my "team-player" behavior? Yes, pic # 2 is my victory dance, how could you tell? He didn't cry. Too loudly. In pic # 3 I believe I was accused of cheating. Pic # 4 shows my reaction to said accusation.

Christmas is coming soon, Dad. Bring on the air hockey!!!


DAD said...

We're coming down on Sunday. Find a table! Rematch is on! We'll see who has the last laugh......

MOM said...

Happy birthday sweetie. Many more!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Sarah...

You have a lovely blog!!! I followed a widget trail from "God of Another World"...but I've seen you around before...we have some mutual friends, I think (incl. Eddie of Clouds and Silvery Linings, Robynn of Robynn's Ravings, Lisa of Advents and other Fine(nell)...). Judging by how very many friends we share, I can't believe we've never been properly introduced! But we share an even stronger tie, we are "sisters," and so I intend to visit you again and again. Pardon me if I am forward, but I'm going to follow you ;-) I hope you won't mind...God bless you, my new friend!! ~Janine XO

P.S. Air Hockey rocks!!!! You go, girlfriend!!! And btw, happy birthday! ;-)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Over here from SUldog's place - what a beautiful blog! so glad I visited *smiling*