Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home, home on the range...

We left for Michigan on a Saturday. We arrived late that night, exhausted but glad to be home. Steven's birthday was Sunday and he was overjoyed to spend it with family. Monday, my parents and I along with my sister Becky and her son headed up to the land of grandparents past for a day of blueberry picking, cemetery exploring and pizza devouring. Mid-pizza slice, I received a call from my dearly beloved, telling me that a church member, Mr. Bill had passed away and that Steven was needed in Memphis. He left. I stayed. My dad's retirement party was Tuesday. Goodbye to General Motors after 45 years. I spent the morning shopping and the rest of the day cooking and trying not to mingle.

Mixed in were picnics with the family, playtime with the niece and nephews, church services and relaxation. Well, a bit at least.

Then on Sunday, my parents drove with me (since Steven had the car, remember) back to Memphis. Steven returned to Michigan on Monday morning to "finish his vacation" and my parents stayed with me in Memphis until Thursday morning. Confused yet? I sure am.

On Thursday evening, Steven was mugged outside a Meijer's store. Four guys in a car pulled up to him as he was walking to his vehicle and two of them jumped out and started beating on him. They touched not his money, nor car keys nor wallet. No, these brilliant overachievers stole my husband's groceries: a two-liter of Vernor's ginger ale and a package of CD-Rs. Oh, and some birthday wrapping paper. About $20 worth of miscellaneous junk. Well, except the ginger ale. I might knock somebody over the head for some Vernor's, too. After I hit "post" on this, I'm going to make a concentrated effort to stop being angry about this. I vow not to fly to Michigan and hunt down a carful of dunderheaded morons and rip their faces off.


My dad and I didn't get to have our air hockey showdown. Instead, we settled for Wii Tennis. Which I beat him at. Soundly. I'm a sore loser but a really annoying winner.

Pictures will prove this feat, after I get my mom to email them to me. (Mom?)

In short, I'm back. I hope you missed me. I hope you noticed I was gone. I'm caught up on the six hundred or so blog posts that were waiting for me. God bless Google Reader.


Mom said...

Well I miss you from up here. I enjoyed the time you spent with us. Kaeden wants to see his Aunt Sarah. And the other boys are missing you as well. We've found a table now and so we know where to go...... Air hockey anyone?..... :)

Eddie Bluelights said...

I am so sorry about Steven being 'mugged' - I am so very annoyed about it. We get that as well in England. It is really hard to be forgiving for these idiots but we are told we should. Fancy - groceries - the mind boggles!
I do hope Steven was not hurt badly - and yes - I do not blame you at all feeling really angry and wanting to rip their faces off!
I did miss you and have visited your site a few times looking for a chat. I certainly noticed you were gone. Please pop round when you can - I am doing another biggy production, The Wizard Of Oz, where we can all have a bit of fun.

Bella said...

We can certainly understand your anger at the punks that did that to hubby. Random crazy violence is just scary to think of such. I take it he was okay and not seriously injured?

that's too bad about the air hockey match! but wii tennis sounds fun! I have never played wii games...I am probably the only one on the planet that hasn't, and the only person that doesn't have a cell!

anyway, glad to see you had a nice visit with family.

p.s. that was my deleted comment as I had left out a word, go figure, this old brain thinks faster than my fingers type...I swear I think it's Alzheimer's creeping in or something...

Becky said...

I did notice you were gone, and I did miss you. And I agree. God bless Google Reader.

Lisa said...

Oh! I am so sorry about Steven.

It took 4 of them to steal Ginger Ale and a few other items.

AND no one thought of the wallet. Wow! Smart and brave!!!

Suldog said...

Amazing what people will hurt other people for. Just bloody amazing.

Arielle said...

That's so scary! Ack. Also, I just noticed that you have my old blog (good things come to those who whine) on your blogroll. So if you happen to update anytime soon, please update to my new site ( Thank you!! =)

Janet said...

I am so sorry about Stephen. What a stupid thing to do. I hope he's Ok.