Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things That Make Me Go "Huh?" (2)

I went to the eye doctor today and she dilated my eyes. My pupils are huge! So my question is this: When your eyes dilate, where does the pigmented part go? Where's my brownish hazelishousness? Are my pupils like a black hole in space, sucking all matter into their doomed darkness?


Lee said...

Hey Sarah, did you know that your eyes work like the lens of a camera? The old single lens reflex type with the iris that opens and closes to let light in. That's what happened to your beautiful brown when the doc dilated them. The iris opened wide and disappeared behind the rest of the eye. It's also why you had to wear sunglasses to drive or wait till the dilation had reduced. Too much light in the eyes can mean bad vision and a severe headache in some cases.

Loved the experessive way you describe your eyes. They are the window to the soul are then not?


MOM said...

What did the eye doctor say about your eyes?

Suldog said...

I don't know what the eye doctor said, Sarah's Mom, but if he said anything other than, "Those are beautiful!", first, he's not human :-)

Elisabeth said...

Hey Sarah, I have no idea about your eyes 'cause when I went to the eye doctor a year ago he said I have perfect eyes & he'd see me in about 10 years. (I was forced to go by my husband who said he couldn't believe I was over 35 & had never been to the eye doctor.)

BUT, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to come visit... but, I'm here now & I'm following... :)

Eddie Bluelights said...

I've noticed before now you have beautiful eyes and now I know it.
You are most welcome for a cuppa any time ~ Eddie

Janet said...

That was a very interesting question and I'm glad I didn't have to answer it. :)
May I borrow the "brownish hazelishousness"?

Bella said...

hey Sarah, just stopping by to say hello! As far as the eyes, it is just a case of the irises being covered up by all that pupiliary dilation.

When is the big air hockey playoff?